For My Father | From Proverbs 2, 3, 4


1/ The words of wisdom are words of life,

and they shall do me good.

They keep me from the paths of sin,

and lead my soul to God.

There is no knowledge nor wisdom true,

there is no profit nor gain,

but in the fear of the LORD, our God –

the reverence due His Name.

2/ My Father taught me to fear the LORD,

my mother taught me His love.

They walked before me in holiness

and set my interests above.

They said, “My son, don’t forget our words

nor from our ways depart;

but keep them always about your neck

and bind them to your heart.”

3/ “My son, the man who obeys the LORD

shall dwell in safety and peace;

and God shall prosper his every work –

his fruit of grace increase…

so trust the LORD with all your heart,

acknowledge Him always,

and He shall bless you with covenant grace

and walk with you all your days.”

4/ My soul was won by their counsel sweet,

my soul holds fast to the LORD.

The Spirit prospered their discipline

and God has honored His Word:

“The child brought up in the fear of God

and nurtured in the LORD

shall not depart from the path of truth!” –


~Dave Parks | February 6, 1975

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1 Response to For My Father | From Proverbs 2, 3, 4

  1. Elton Dunbar says:

    Well written in memory of your father, a beloved brother in Christ and in honor of your dear mother, a beloved sister in Christ. So thankful for the times we had together.

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