The Essential 100 Bible Reading Plan – a schedule

Here is the printed schedule for the 100 days of Bible readings:

E100.The Essential 100 Bible Reading Plan copy

It isn’t too late to join us and get started on the Essential 100 Bible-reading plan that will take you on a quick scan survey of the Bible narrative. As I have told you in a previous post, this is not a complete and comprehensive reading of the Bible – just a 100-day, 100-passages reading of 100 of the most significant highlights of the Big Picture of the Bible. It is a bird’s-eye, panoramic view of the Bible.

You can view that previous descriptive post here…The Berean Fellowship – come and join us!

NOTE: this particular schedule is dated from September 1, 2020, when our church’s Sunday School began this 100-day reading [along with some other fellow church members and friends]. But, you can begin anytime, any day of the year. Just disregard the 2 columns on the left with the day of the week and the date. You can just start with the description of the reading and the passage to be read.

So, whether you start today … or another day … the Word of God will still be there – unchanged, just as alive and powerful as it’s always been – it lives and abides forever!

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