Just a few questions I ask myself at the close of the day…


– Have I recognized the Presence of God and the faithfulness of His ever-renewing mercies to me throughout the activities of this day?

– Have I recognized the extraordinary provisions that God has granted me, and interventions that God has worked for me [that God has done it] in what has transpired over the course of this day?

– Have I recognized and thanked Him for giving me all things that pertain to life and godliness today?

– Have I represented Jesus Christ faithfully and well in every interaction I’ve had with others over the course of this day?

– Have I intentionally lived and walked under the governance and guidance of the Holy Spirit today?

– Have I availed myself and made good use of all the means of grace God has made available to me today?

– Have I been a good steward of my time, attention, and energies in everything I have done today?

– Have I been diligent to make every effort to supplement the faith God has granted me with improvement and growth in His grace?

– Have I deliberately sinned in any way today: in thought, in word, in deed?

– Have I grieved or displeased God in any way today?

– If I have, did I immediately confess it and forsake it when the Holy Spirit troubled my spirit and convicted my conscience of it?

– Have I encouraged with a good word or helped with needed assistance any one today who God may have brought into my life?

– If I have experienced difficulties, or adversities, or interruptions and disruptions over the course of this day, have I remembered that God is in control of all things and asked Him what He wants me to learn from it?

– Have I been obedient and faithful with every responsibility God has entrusted to me today?

– Have I entrusted to God everything that is out of my control today?

– – To summarize and capsulize: Have I rejoiced in the LORD my God today? Not just rejoiced in the things I preferred and liked, but rejoiced in GOD? Have I delighted to know Him? Have I enjoyed my blessings and privileges of just having Him to be my God, and His having me to be His child? Have I served Him with joy and gladness?

– Am I prepared to give account to God right now, and to Jesus Christ in the Last Day for how I have lived the life He has graciously granted to me today?

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