I read this Pastor Richard Sibbes excerpt recently in the February 1 reading of Voices From The Past, volume 2, edited by Richard Rushing [Banner of Truth]. I just have to share it!

I wrote a personal note at the top of the page: “THIS God is God in all the supreme, sovereign, sweet, and sufficient meanings of what it is to be ‘GOD’ – and He gives Himself to me and commits: ‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD!’ I need a God. I want a God. I have a god … whomever or what it may be. But, THIS GOD says, ‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD, and YOU shall be My people!’ ‘And…can it be?’”

Here’s Sibbes: “God framed man to have communion and fellowship with Himself. This fellowship is where happiness consists. God’s love for man established the covenant of grace in the seed of the woman, Christ the Messiah, to restore mankind from the most miserable plight and misery into which Adam cast the world by his sin.

It is a most sweet sign of God’s great love that He would stoop so low as to make a covenant with us, to be our God and to be all in all to us! Consider such a covenant –

  • the Creator with the creature;
  • the immortal God and mortal man;
  • the glorious God, and dust and ashes;
  • the holy God and sinful man;
  • the great King of heaven and earth, and rebels and traitors.

For Him to condescend so low as to make a covenant with us, to enter into terms of agreement with us, is a wondrous sign of His gracious mercy and love.

This covenant is only by Jesus Christ, and to those who believe in Him. We enter into a relationship greater than the world can offer, and are freed from the cursed estate we are in by nature.

God delivers us from all ill, spiritually and eternally. God is able to save us against all our enemies whatsoever: our weakness, the devil, and all of our own corruptions or oppositions whatsoever.

Consider the wisdom of Heaven that says so much in ‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD!’

  • His wisdom is yours and watches you to find out ways to do you good.
  • His power is yours to keep you from danger, and to defend and rescue you from all enemies.
  • His providence is yours to turn all things to your good.
  • His mercy is yours to forgive your sins.
  • His love is yours to bestow all necessary comforts.

There is no phrase in Scripture that has so much in so little as ‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD!’ If we could but unfold and lay open this excellent promise. All other promises in the covenant of grace are members of this.

It is a wonderful and comprehensive promise: ‘I WILL BE YOUR GOD!’

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