LONESOME SOUL (Job 23) – a simple song of experience

~ What can I do when I cannot find

the Face of the Sun of my soul?

When I look ahead, behind, and around

but no refuge in sight I behold?

Does He not care that I labor here

pressed by such a heavy load?

Oh, that I could speak!

Oh, that He would hear

from the height of His Heavenly abode!

~ Is there no escape from this dungeon dark?

Is there no relief for my soul?

Do my friends not care? Is my hope clean gone?

Does His anger have no control?

How can I here in a foreign land

sing the tunes of Zion’s glad songs?

My harp’s clear notes

turn to mournful sighs,

and my tears fall all the day long.

~ But I’ll tell you now what my soul will do,

I will bring my complaint to my God!

He will plead for me! I shall rescued be!

And in comfort I’ll quietly abide!

Then I’ll sing with Moses and Miriam:

“Horse and rider He’s thrown into the sea!”

And my harp will blend

with angelic strings,

and I’ll praise Him eternally!

~Dave Parks | February 22, 1975

Primary meditations:

  • Job 23
  • Psalm 77
  • Psalm 137
  • Exodus 15
  • Revelation 15
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