That’s what she looks like to me!

She’s the brightness of sunshine;

she’s the whiteness of snow;

she’s the pureness of a dove flying free!

she’s the romance of moonlight;

she’s the freshness of dew;

Ah, that’s what she looks like to me!

She’s the splendor of dawning;

she’s the glory of noon;

she’s the sunset reflected on the sea!

she’s the colors of a rainbow;

she’s the softness of clouds;

Ah, that’s what she looks like to me!

She’s the harvest of autumn;

she’s the new life of spring;

she’s the fullness of summer’s green trees!

she’s the quiet strength of winter;

She’s my Joy! She’s my Life!

She’s all my world to me!

~dsp 9/25/75

Debbie and I were engaged to be married in the Fall of 1975. (We would be married in June 1976.)

Back in those days, we had to do whatever ‘courting’ we could do over 400 miles.

I was pastoring in Alexander County/Hiddenite NC and she was living in Lexington KY. So, I would travel to Lexington every opportunity I could find (or make up), and she would occasionally come to NC.

I was living in the parsonage of the church I was pastoring, so she would stay with our dear friends, Pastor Jim and Shirley Park. Jim was my very closest friend from Bible College days, and he pastored in nearby Statesville NC, probably 15 miles from Hiddenite.

Jim and Shirley had a young son, Bradley. I guess Bradley was pre-school age. Bradley was excited about Debbie’s coming to visit with me and stay with them for the first time.

So he asked me one day: “What does she look like?” So what do you tell a 4-5 years-old what someone else looks like?

I began to describe the best I could what he could expect to see in her physical features when he first saw her.

That’s when I began to think about what she looks like to me – her virtue, her character, her outer and inner beauties.

I wrote this little song to express just some of my admiration, adoration, and love for all the beauty I saw in her. And my smitten admiration only continues to grow and increase.

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