COLOSSIANS: Lesson Notes / Talking Points


Here are the Lesson Notes/talking Points for the studies we have conducted in our Sunday School class from Colossians. There are five sets of Lesson Notes in this one composite paper. I have kept the Scripture text passages and lesson titles that were in our Lifeway Explore the Bible personal study guides to aid our class members to keep in sync with their scheduled study guides. However, the Lesson Notes are from my own personal study and presentation. Also, these Lesson Notes are not intended to be structured outlines or detailed commentary. Rather, they are as we call them: Talking Points. They are topics, subjects, truths, applications, and takeaways that we intend to discuss, learn, and practice in our lives from our study of the Scripture texts.

The themes we emphasized throughout our study of Colossians are the same themes that Paul was presenting and pressing on them: CHRIST’S SOVEREIGNTY, SUPREMACY, AND SUFFICIENCY.

I offer them now to you with my prayer and my hope that God will be pleased to use them for your edification and “that in everything He might be preeminent” / Colossians 1.18.

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