“Thank you for another year of sharing God’s Word and leading us to hunger for the Word of God!”

19 December 2021

My Christian Brothers & Sisters [CBS] Sunday School class presented me with this card and message at the conclusion of our Sunday School lesson:

“…Thank you for another year of sharing God’s Word and leading us to hunger for His Word.”

I could not receive a sweeter, richer, more rewarding and fulfilling “Thank You!” than this one.

I want this to be my lasting remembrance and legacy.

This is what I live and serve Christ to do.

This is the way I want to be remembered.

This is the legacy I want to leave with those to whom God has privileged me to minister.

This is the influence I want to have and the mark I want to leave in people’s lives.

I’m not leaving instructions for someone to carve this in my grave marker, but it would do!

As John the Baptist said when his disciples turned to follow Jesus whom He announced and to whom he had pointed them, “Therefore this joy of mine is now complete” / John 3.29.

There was another more material gift that accompanied this note, but it is our mutual loving, learning, treasuring, and savoring of the Word of Christ that is the heartbeat and joy of our weekly fellowship.

They so refresh my spirit!

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