Tribute to my Friend, Shirley Fields

Shirley Fields

Shirley was [and still is and will be forever] my dear sister in Christ, treasured friend, and faithful fellow servant of the Lord and our church for decades. Her matriarchal and motherly influence extended far beyond her own large family and blessed us all. It is my honor to give a tribute to her and her Savior on behalf of so many who love her. Pray for her precious family.

My Memorial Tribute to my Friend, Shirley Fields…

Facebook Live Stream of the Memorial Service:

Shirley’s obituary:

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2 Responses to Tribute to my Friend, Shirley Fields

  1. Debbie Eades says:

    Dave we are blessed to have you in our family! You were right that mom did think of you as one of her boys. Thank you for always being there for her. I believe she had a smile on her face yesterday as she listened to your loving tribute. Thanks again! We love you❤️

    • PastorDave says:

      Debbie, I love you ALL, and faithfully pray for you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the “Shirley Ann Fields Tribe”<3

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