I used to call them ‘interruptions’


We all have them…constantly…every day…of all kinds…

Interruptions to what we are doing and working on at the moment. Interruptions to the agenda of the whole day. Interruptions sometimes to the very direction and course of our lives from then on.

A phone call…a text…an email…a conversation…a ‘chance’ encounter…a medical report…a chronic illness…a debilitating injury…or a life-altering event – didn’t plan for it, didn’t expect it, didn’t see it coming, no way to brace yourself or prepare for it – but there it is, and you have to deal with it.

Our first knee-jerk response is to chafe at it, complain, fret – be annoyed, irritated, impatient…even resentful or rude…

As I say, I used to call them ‘interruptions.’

But over the years I have learned to recognize and appreciate them as “Sovereign impositions and interventions of the Divine purpose, pleasure, and Providence on my personal agenda because God, in His infinite wisdom, knows better than I do that I need to develop and grow in some Godly virtue or Grace through this experience.”

And, it always works out to be ‘far better’ – for His Glory and my good.

Romans 5.1-5 & 8.28

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