You’re the Dawn of My New Day

You’re the dawn of my new day!
You have chased my night away!
You have taught my heart to love
by your simple giving way!
You have set this prisoner free
from living only just for me!
So, you shall have my love always –
You’re the dawn of my new day!

Since you’ve dawned upon my view,
My horizons rest on you!
You’re the other part of me –
my ‘life’ now means ‘my life with you’!
I have found true love at last –
and though I don’t regret the past –
I thank the Lord I now can say
“You’re the dawn of my new day!”

I cannot be satisfied
without you walking by my side –
You’re my ‘sun’ to be my light,
and You’re my ‘star’ to be my guide!
Hold my hand, and go with me –
we’ll share our love and company –
and light will shine upon our way
from Love’s forever dawning day!


I wrote this song for Debbie kind of early on in our relationship – or at least early on after I had recognized that she had awakened love in my heart. For a long while there, she had just reconciled herself that we might be only “buddies forever”! But, then, ‘the dawn of my new day’ began to break! And, this song began to sing!

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